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Before joining Algolab, I was working leetcode problems randomly and struggling to find a structure, mentorship and confidence in my abilities. The course at algolab with live peer to peer learning from other members of cohort, one on one coaching and mentorship from Touseef has provided me a structure, methodolody and confidence to solve problems in a methodic setting that is aligned with interviews at big tech. I would recommend anyone who is looking to uplevel their interview skills not only in coding but also in system design and behavioral aspects to take a shot at algolab and see the results themselves.

— Murtaza Shareef

I was solving problems on LeetCode, HackerRank and Project Euler randomly to polish my algorithm solving skills and was finding it hard to improve my skill level. After joining AlgoLab, I found, that what matters most is the mentorship and a structured methodology towards solving problems. Having discussions with other members of cohort and a coach during live coaching sessions helps in breaking down the problems. I would recommend anyone who is looking to get a job in Tier-I IT companies to invest in yourself by joining AlgoLab sessions and up their skills not only in coding but also in system design.

— Hassan Tahir

When I joined AlgoLAB, I did not know that I was making the best career decision then. I had failed an interview after preparing on my own and I always felt that I lacked mentorship and guidance. Now, I feel more confident to interview with big companies. The structure of the class and the amount of mentorship and guidance are exceptional and unique which allows for organic growth in knowledge. I would do it again if I decide to switch careers

— Meshal Saleh

What one would do if one aspires to become a Batsman at the highest level!! For sure he would be practicing the shots, the straight drives, the cover drives, the cuts (square cuts), the pulls, the hooks, even when not playing match. For when facing world class bowlers, he does n’t have to think and things should be more of a reflex than a well thought out action. Same goes for programming one must be thoroughly familiar with the basics. And I am thankful to Touseef for providing this course, with his vast coding experience and ample real life experience in Microsoft and Meta, he has the know how. Most importantly an attitude to help others and bring out the best in them. Learn from the Master.

— Anusheel

AlgoLab by Touseef was an important milestone in my growth experience as a senior software engineer. The course covers everything related to the professsional life of a SWE, highlighting the interview process. Course covers easy-to-hard problem solving, system design, amazing mindset training done surgically, advanced big-o complexity principles, and finally optimizing the recruitment and interview problem from an applicant perspective. Not only this, Touseef also brought the brightest minds for the different topics I just mentioned. Truly worth every penny and more.

— Omar Habash

AlgoLab has brought an amazing change in my problem-solving abilities. I really felt short of confidence before approaching optimizing algorithmic problems but mentorship and guidance from Touseef have helped me think more logically and efficiently. I feel much more confident that I can crack any interview that may come at me.

— Ansab